Joyful Union Cassette Blog Top 10 Cassettes of August 2019

We’ve featured over 140 tapes on our blog in August! Here are the top 10 tapes of the month.
1.     Mestozi – Peak Communication (Self-Released)
2.     Herring Franky & Kaizen 92 (Blunt Shelter Records)
3.     Alexis Lumière – The Casio Stories (Err Rec)
4.     Ty Segall – First Taste (Drag City Records)
5.     Various Artists – WE² (Monked Records)
6.     Hotel Pools – Constant (Stratford Ct.)
7.     Matt Hex – Noise Dude! (Cult Love Sound Tapes)
8.     Zachdiaz – Hard Wax (beatsupply)
9.     Lowie – De Olho em Tudo (Endorphins Lab)
10. Brous One – Cityscapes (Self-Released)

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